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Fresh, Faster, Better. Salm Partners, North America’s largest producer of cooked-in-package sausage products, is transforming foodservice with the unique technology and high-quality products widely accepted by consumers. Salm’s cooked-in-the-package, always-fresh, never-frozen sausage products create a superior consumer experience while reducing food, energy, labor and storage costs. 


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Salm is one of the leading producers of cooked-in-package hot dogs. Our high-quality, always fresh, never frozen products are sold under leading brands from coast to coast.


If you’ve enjoyed outstanding cooked-in-package RTE sausages, it’s a good chance they were made by Salm. We bring that same quality, scale, and range of recipes to foodservice.


The unique Salm Cooked-in Package, always fresh, never frozen process also works for a wide range of rope sausage products. Same great quality and convenience.

The Salm process produces customer-preferred products that meet the highest standards in quality, food safety, and shelf life. Our co-extrusion, cook-in-package process creates a tender casing with a pleasing “snap” while ensuring the product is never exposed after cooking and chilling.

Our Values

Born a family business, Salm Partners has grown into a leading regional business that has never forgotten the values that have made us successful. Don’t take our word for it, ask our customers, vendors, and most of all, our people.


We value and protect safety, dignity, and diversity


Our actions are driven by what is right and good for our partners


We are dependable and accountable while always improving


We believe that partners working together will accomplish great things


We believe in each other and express gratitude

About Salm Partners

Salm Partners is the nation’s largest co-manufacturer of fully cooked sausage and hot dogs. We operate a co-extrusion, cook-in-package process that produces delicious, clean label, food-safe products that help grow and protect your brand. We are the only fully cooked sausage co-manufacturer without a retail brand. Therefore, we don’t compete with our customers and are focused on helping our customers succeed.

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