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Salm’s mission is to provide avenues of growth for their partners. Those “partners” include Salm Employees, Salm Customers, Salm Vendors, and their investors. By treating all key stakeholders as partners, Salm Partners stays focused on innovations that create new and superior value across all our foodservice and brand channels.

OUR history

Salm Partners was founded in 2004 in Denmark, Wisconsin by Chris Salm and his three brothers. Chris believed a better product at a better cost would change the sausage and hot dog market. They were right. 

Today Salm operates two facilities, seven co-extrusion, cook-in-package production systems, and account for 20% of the fully-cooked sausage in North America. We serve foodservice providers and distributors seeking market advantages in quality, cost, and convenience.


The Salm mission is to provide an avenue of growth for all our Partners! We are proud to call our customers, internal workforce, suppliers, and community members our partners. The five values this mission is built upon are Respect, Trust, Credibility, Collaboration, and Appreciation.


Salm Partners operates two large-scale production facilities in Denmark Wisconsin. With seven QX production systems, these facilities produce 20% of the North American retail cooked-in-package sausage products. Both facilities are SQF operations.

The unique Salm co-extrusion process and cooked-in-package single-layer production produces products ideally suited for foodservice customers.


Founded in 2004 by visionary industry veteran, Chris Salm, he and his brothers took Salm from an idea to a leading producer of innovative sausage products.

Today the Salm Partners leadership team has expanded and includes engineering, culinary, quality, and operations specialists that continue to build upon the technology and vision of the founders. Visiting a Salm Partners facility is best way to experience the Salm difference. The other way to try our products. 


The people of Salm Partners are truly partners in every sense of the word. Many have been part of the company since the beginning. Together, the people of Salm create a culture and workplace environment that begins with the individual. 

Good products can be made anywhere. Great products require great people – and ours are the best. Tour our facilities and find out why Salm Partners has a retention rate well above the industry average.


Whoever said culture eats strategy for breakfast may have been aware of Salm Partners. Salm’s empowerment encourages innovation, team collaboration, individual accomplishment, and customer-focused continuous improvement. All this takes place in a culture where safety, both workplace and product safety, are prized above all else. Experience the Salm Culture first hand.


Salm Partners considers the local community to be a partner in their success. As a major employer in the market, Salm acts as a highly regarded corporate citizen and community supporter. 

Many of Salm’s people also live in the community, and they too do their part to support the family-first community of Denmark, Wisconsin and the surrounding area.


You will never see the Salm label in a commercial kitchen or retail case, yet our products are enjoyed by millions every day. Our customers, both foodservice and retail, are some of the best known and most trusted names in the food industry. 

Foodservice customers enjoy a superior product while lowering costs, simplifying operations, and delivering outstanding taste and quality to their customers. Find out what Salm customers already know.

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