Maximizing Roller Grill Profitability

The roller grill is one of the most profitable areas, on revenue-per-square-foot, throughout the convenience store industry. Customers frequently add beverages, chips, or other foods to their order in addition to other convenience store purchases when they make a purchase at a roller grill stand, which makes sales of roller grills a valuable destination purchase.

If true, why do many C-Store operators struggle with roller grill operations?

When compared to other C-store areas, operating the roller grill is labor- and resource-intensive. It also requires trained employees and also represents the risk of food loss and poor stock management. These expenses, when added up, can wipe out the roller grill’s potential profit. In addition, when any of this goes wrong, the grill will be empty, and the consumer will go elsewhere to satisfy their hunger – some never to return.

The Challenge: Mitigate roller grill risk while building enhanced profitability

The Game Changer: Did you know that there is one product that can solve all of these problems — and that it actually has a lower cost per unit for the C-Store operator? It requires rethinking old ways of doing business, simplifying your supply chain, store operations, and removing costs. In short, the right roller grill product is a game changer

Strong roller grill operations are C-Store builders; weak roller grills are C-Store killers

Salm Partners, the nation’s leading producer of high-quality cooked-in-package, always-fresh, never-frozen hot dogs and sausages enables C-Store operators to improve roller grill sell-through by up to 18% and reduce roller grill operating costs by over 28%.

#1: Reducing Energy Waste: Frozen products consume valuable freezer space and consume up to 3x more energy than refrigerated foods. Salm cooked-in-package hot dogs are always-fresh, never-frozen, lowering the C-Store energy bill and freeing up valuable freezer space for other frozen products.

#1a: Reduced Energy Waste: Keeping food in the freezer uses up valuable storage space and consumes up to three times more energy compared to the same food in the fridge. Salm’s cooked-in-package hot dogs never need to be frozen, which reduces the C-store’s energy costs, plus makes more room in the freezer for other profitable frozen foods.

#2: Simplified Supply Chain: Frozen supply chains are not only energy-intensive, but restrictive, and costly. Salm products do not require a frozen supply chain, and in fact, are never frozen. The always-fresh, never-frozen Salm hot dogs reduce logistics costs at every step in the supply chain, resulting in a higher quality product at a lower cost for most C-Store operators. Superior product and superior taste at a lower cost per unit.

#2a: Simplified Supply Chain: Frozen storage is an expensive, inefficient, but necessary part of most hot dog supply chains. Salm hot dogs and sausage products are always-fresh, never-frozen. They do not need to be transported or stored in a frozen state – EVER. Because Salm hot dogs are never frozen, logistics costs are cut at every stage of the supply chain, allowing most C-Store operators to sell a fresher, higher quality product while maximizing profit per unit. A better product with better flavor at a reduced overall cost. Everyone wins.

#3a: Employee Training: It can be expensive to train new employees, especially in retail and other high-turnover industries. Proper training is essential for the efficient and timely filling, cycling, and management of a roller grill. Inadequate stock management can lead to wasted food and unhappy customers. Salm hot dogs are never frozen and are always fresh. reduced investment in personnel education and development thanks to simpler and streamlined operations. Store staff can keep the grill stocked with minimal effort because there is no need for slack out, preparation time is decreased, and unit control is enhanced. Reduced overhead while maintaining or improving product quality.

#4a: Empty Grill: When the roller grill runs out of hot dogs, it’s a bad day for the convenience store overall. The roller grill, as a focal point of the dining experience, requires a steady supply of high-quality, freshly prepared foods. The value of a customer’s future repeat business is diminished whenever the Grill is empty. When compared to frozen food service products, Salm’s always-fresh, never-frozen hot dogs can be restocked more rapidly, with just the appropriate quantity, and can get up to temperature faster. The end result is a whole new and delicious option for your customer the moment they step through the door. Product quality is improved, availability is ensured, and unit costs are reduced.

#5: Food Waste:  One of the largest margin killers in roller grill profitability is food waste. Every unsold hot dog is a direct hit to the bottom line. Slack out times for frozen hot dogs, the hassle of restocking the roller grill, the risks of freezer burn from improper storage of opened bulk packaging, and improper handling all lead to expensive food waste. Salm always-fresh, never-frozen hot dogs require no special handling, are only used in the quantity needed, get up to temperature quickly, and generate significantly less food waste than frozen products. A better-tasting, lower-cost solution for your C-Store roller grill.

#5a: Food Waste: Food waste is a major contributor to poor roller grill profitability. Operators lose money on every hot dog that doesn’t sell. Too much time spent waiting for frozen hot dogs to thaw, too much effort spent reloading the roller grill, too much risk of freezer burn from poor storage of opened bulk packing, and too much carelessness all contribute to food waste. Salm’s never-frozen, always-fresh hot dogs never need thawing – since they are never frozen. Just the right amount is taken unsealed as needed. The product heats rapidly, and results in far less food waste than frozen alternatives. Improve the flavor of your C-store roller grill without breaking the bank or compromising quality.

#6a: Sustainability: The environmental and economic benefits of increased sustainability go hand in hand. Hot dogs from Salm’s always-fresh, never-frozen supply chain offer numerous environmental benefits over their frozen counterparts. Our cooked-in-package method retains freshness on its own, so it uses fewer preservatives without sacrificing flavor. Salm sustainability advantages also result in lower costs, reduced waste, improved product quality, lower energy consumption during production, and lower wastewater consumption. The easy-open portion control packaging is optimized for a chilled rather than frozen environment, so no energy-intensive storage or transportation costs are required. Salm sustainability: Everybody wins.

#7: Shelf-Life: No matter what, it has to taste good. This simple but difficult-to-attain criterion is the best reason to switch to Salm always-fresh, never-frozen hot dogs for your C-Store operation. In addition to the economic advantages and cost savings noted, it all comes down to taste. Salm hot dogs taste better, and they taste better longer. This translates into more satisfied customers coming back more frequently to make more purchases of more products in your C-Store location. This translates into greater lifetime customer value, increased revenues, and improved profits. Salm always-fresh, never-frozen hot dogs are the C-Store roller grill solution owners have been waiting for.

#7a: Shelf-Life: No matter what, it has to taste good. The best argument for stocking your C-Store with Salm’s always-fresh, never-frozen hot dogs is that they meet this simple but challenging criterion. Despite the savings and monetary benefits, ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. The flavor of Salm hot dogs is superior, and that freshness lasts longer, too. If your customers are happy, they will come back to your C-store more often and spend more money overall. A higher lifetime customer value means more money in your pocket. Hot dogs from Salm are the answer C-Store operators have been looking for. Salm – always fresh, never-frozen.

In summary, incorporating Salm Partners hot dogs into your convenience store’s hot dog roller grill selection can have a positive impact on your business profitability, cost savings, product quality, and customer satisfaction. Store operators may stand out from the competition and encourage customer loyalty by improving the product and the roller grill experience. Contact Salm to learn more about our food service programs and how we can help you increase revenue and improve profitability.