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Salm products are ideally suited for all foodservice segments including, QSR, Chain and Fast Casual dining; BBQ restaurants, Healthcare, Institutional Foodservice and Convenience Stores. Our simpler, never frozen, always fresh technology helps solve many of today’s Foodservice operational and distributive challenges with a flexible and trusted creative menu solution that always delivers great taste, enhanced portability and shelf life; less food waste and reduced costs.

C- Stores

As foodservice continues to be a critical growth segment for Convenience Store operators, Salm’s unique process is providing a high quality, easy to execute fresh foods platform that is changing the game. Our always fresh, never frozen roller grill options offer great tasting hot dog and sausage flavors for all day parts and quick meal occasions. With no freeze/thaw hassles, faster heat recovery and less downtime during peak traffic periods, we help operators generate higher sales and margins with less risk and labor. Importantly, our product simplifies inventory management and rotation while reducing unwanted product exposure and generating significantly less waste. For convenience store foodservice solutions that will help you up your game, Salm has the solution.

Quick Service Restraurants

Today, QSR operators are facing unprecedented challenges and Salm’s unique process and technology provides them with a foodservice favorite that is an easy to prepare and cost effective menu solution. Consumers love hot dogs and sausages and Salm’s always fresh, never frozen, cook-in-the-package products provide a simple to prepare, highly portable and profitable way to build your sales and traffic.

CHAIN restaurants

Whether you are a Fast Casual chain or a BBQ operator, our fresh, never frozen products offer great tasting, easy to prepare menu solutions that will satisfy your customers and add simplicity to your kitchen operation. Our unique manufacturing process results in a cleaner label, easy to prepare, highly flexible menu addition with enhanced shelf life that simplifies inventory management and supply chain challenges, while reducing labor, risk and food waste. Our technology results in simpler and faster preparation, expedited service times, and most importantly, happy customers. Salm is a simpler, faster and better way to add great tasting hot dogs and sausage to your menu.


Today’s healthcare foodservice operators face many challenges and Salm is stepping up to produce great tasting and easy to prepare menu favorites that your customers will love. Our cleaner label, fresh, never frozen hot dogs and sausage products offer variety and formulary flexibility, as well as enhanced shelf life and menu utility for all of your foodservice outlets. With no freeze and thawing needed, our products are easier to store, faster to prepare while saving labor and reducing food waste.

institutional Foodservice

From campus dining operations, office dining facilities, convention services and more, Salm has you covered. We know that offering a great tasting, fresher, and flexible menu solution is critical to your operation and guest satisfaction. Our fresh, never frozen products avoid the freeze and thaw process, and will simplify and expedite your preparation and service operations while reducing risk through our unique extended shelf life benefits. Our great tasting hot dogs and sausage products have high consumer acceptance, are highly portable and are ready to please your clients and customers every time.

Sports & Entertainment

Meeting the needs of hungry sports fans and concertgoers during peak traffic times is a unique challenge for venue operators. Salm’s unique process offers operators an opportunity to serve highly portable fan favorite premium hot dogs and creative dinner sausage items faster, safer and using less labor. With our enhanced shelf life, storing and managing inventories across multiple outlets is simpler, safer and easier while reducing risk and food waste. Let our fresh, never frozen products serve as the foundation for your signature menu creations!

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