Foodservice Advantages

Salm Partners operates half of the coextrusion, cook-in-package systems in the country. It is our process and specialization that sets Salm Partners apart as a provider of smoked sausage. Salm Partners has the expertise to rapidly introduce new products in the marketplace and keep them at the forefront of the sausage industry. We also have the scale and expertise to reliably deliver you a consistent product week in and week out. With us, your product delivers the taste, texture, and convenience consumers want while providing your company with ease of delivery and peace of mind.

Refrigerated, Never Frozen

Salm Partners’ fresh never frozen recipe locks in an unbelievably savory flavor that will give your customers a remarkable dining experience.

Created with less refrigeration requirements than commercial brands, our fresh hotdogs and sausages can go from the package and serve delightfully in minutes.

Reduced Risks/Spoilage

With our trailblazing cooked-in-package process, we minimize product exposure to contaminants that can reduce shelf life.

Wrapped in secure packaging that preserves flavor, color, and texture, each product is delivered fresh and ready to go.

Reduced Labor Costs

Less manpower, better product movement.

Replenish your inventory without the need for more hands to thaw, re-refrigerate, and cook hotdogs and sausages.

Salm Partners’ innovative solution lets you cut down on unwanted overhead costs in handling, transportation, and storage of the products.

Foodservice Packaging

Keep up with high-traffic hours without panicking about dwindling inventory.

Our fresh, ready-to-go solutions do not require the freeze and thawing process. Just open a pack, slice, cook, and garnish your hotdogs and sausages, and give your consumers a remarkable dining experience.

Less Waste

With Salm Partners’ cooked-in-package process, we help create a sustainable product chain reducing the production of unwanted by-products.

Cutting down on plastic usage and minimizing refrigeration requirements, we streamline your foodservice operations while creating a safer, healthier environment.

Optimized by Channel

Refill your inventories and offer a flexible menu with a distinctive flavor.

Salm Partners’ innovative solution streamlines your kitchen operations and serves great-tasting products without the cumbersome process of traditional freezing and thawing.

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