QSR value proposition

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Refrigerated, Never Frozen

Never take out a block of ice and hotdogs and wait for hours before it’s good to be cooked.

Skip the freeze and thaw cycle and eliminate product downtime while refilling your inventory with a hearty, great-tasting meal from Salm Partners’ remarkably palatable hotdogs and sausages.

Reduced Risks/Spoilage

Our game-changing cooked-in-package process reduces product exposure to outside contaminants, bacteria, and unwanted moisture that may cause bacterial growth inside the package.

Preserving a distinctive flavor and an impressive texture, our hotdogs and sausages give you a longer shelf life compared to commercial produce.

Reduced Labor Costs

Require less manpower in product storage, transportation, and sortation.

Easily replenish your inventory without the need for extra hands in thawing, refrigerating and cooking your menu.

Salm Partners’ innovative and sustainable solution helps you cut down on overhead costs in product handling.

Foodservice Packaging

Easily unwrap fresh and never frozen hotdogs and sausages and replenish your inventory even during high-traffic hours.

Our cooked-in-package product offerings let you easily open each pack and go from packaging to plates in literally minutes.

Less waste

With our game-changing cooked-in-package process, Salm Partners’ unique solutions minimized the use of plastic wrappers and excess packaging materials.

Serve a hearty, filling snack or meal all while producing less product consumption waste.

Optimized by Channel

Refill your inventories and offer a flexible menu with a distinctive flavor.

Replenish your inventories or introduce a new product offering with a remarkable, mouth-watering flavor.

With our innovative fast-food dining solution, streamline your kitchen operations and give your customers a remarkable, great-tasting dining experience with savory and filling recipes.

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