Salm Benefits

Salm Partners operates half of the coextrusion, cook-in-package systems in the country. It is our process and specialization that sets Salm Partners apart as a provider of smoked sausage. Salm Partners has the expertise to rapidly introduce new products in the marketplace and keep them at the forefront of the sausage industry. We also have the scale and expertise to reliably deliver you a consistent product week in and week out. With us, your product delivers the taste, texture, and convenience consumers want while providing your company with ease of delivery and peace of mind.

Fresher Flavor

With our fresh, never frozen hotdogs and sausages, give your consumers an impressive and remarkable taste.

Creating easy-serve products from the finest locally-sourced ingredients and the highest-quality meat, Salm Partners’ cutting-edge processing, cooking, and packaging strategies preserve flavor from package to plate.

Superior Food Safety

Manufactured with consumer safety in mind, Salm Partners ensures food is manufactured with utmost hygiene. From disinfecting our entire plant to keeping every product sealed in perforation-resistant containers to lock in flavor and freshness, we ensure you remarkable food safety.

Our cooked-in-package process ensures that the product is never exposed to outer contaminants after cooking and chilling.

Cleaner Label

Processed in state-of-the-art machinery and securely wrapped in collagen packs to lock in flavor, prevent bacterial growth, and lengthen shelf life, Salm Partners’ hotdogs and sausages create food-safe, great-tasting products to add to your menu.

Just give us your recipe, and we’ll create every item to evoke an absolutely palatable dining experience.

Extended Shelf Life

Gone are the days when you have to take your hotdogs and sausages in and out of your freezer and strictly mark them with their expiration date.

With our trailblazing cooked-in-package process, each product is made with minimal exposure to outside contaminants. Store it at room temperature, and it will be just as savory.

Less refrigeration expenses, and less risks of spoilage.

Simplified Supply Chain

Refill your shelves easily without the freeze and thaw process.

Salm Partners’ solution lets you offer a flexible menu without sacrificing product quality and taste. Open a pack, and it’s ready to be served with its fullest flavor.

Reduced Waste

With our cooked-in-package process and our fresh, never frozen formula, produce less plastic waste and unwanted by-products.

Supporting environmental sustainability, Salm Partners joins the cause of reducing carbon footprint. We’ve created epicure hotdogs and sausages that need less refrigeration, less packaging excess, and fewer transport requirements.

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