Why Salm

Salm Partners is the nation’s largest co-manufacturer of fully cooked sausage and hot dogs. We operate a co-extrusion, cook-in-package process that produces delicious, clean label, food-safe products that help grow and protect your brand.

We are the only fully cooked sausage co-manufacturer without a retail brand. Therefore, we don’t compete with our customers and are focused on helping our customers succeed.


Our innovative cooked-in-package system lets foodservice operators in all segments create and serve remarkable recipes with consumer preferred products that meet the highest standards in quality, food safety and shelf life.

Salm Partners’ unique manufacturing process creates and preserves authentic flavors, enhances product performance and limits exposure resulting in a safer, simple to prepare and great tasting menu feature or signature entrée component that meet the demands of today’s foodservice industry.
We continue to discover more game-changing ways to produce, process, and create food creations that add a taste of epicure to your menu, keeping your customers coming back for more.


Salm’s utilization of an advanced coextrusion process combined with proven cook in package technology ensures a higher quality, cleaner, and more food-safe product than older, more conventional sausage manufacturing processes. Processed in our USDA and SQF certified facilities, every product undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure the utmost quality.

The result is a product that retains authenticity, improves and enhances performance, while meeting the increasingly complex needs of the foodservice industry today and tomorrow.


Salm’s relentless focus and commitment to quality combined with state of the art automation, results in a product that not only leads the industry in performance, but also remains very cost effective. From the point of manufacture through distribution and to the drive through window, our technology is helping to streamline the entire cold supply chain, providing foodservice distributors and end users the ability to optimize storage space, simplify kitchen operations, expedite service times, and develop more efficient and creative menu strategies.
Dogs in baskets


Our unique cooked-in-package process uses less packaging, reduces water usage, while lowering energy consumption. Contributing to creating a healthier, more sustainable environment, we have committed ourselves to discovering new ways to minimize production waste and reduce our carbon footprint.

The unique Salm process

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